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We spread awareness for Addison’s disease. We want to make it more known to increase the knowledge to get the right treatment in health care. It will save lives. You can support Team Addison by donating or buying one of our products in our webshop.

We spread awareness about Addison’s disease by wearing clothes with the Team Addison’s logo. Both those with Addison’s and healthy can wear them. The purpose is to be seen. We have also made a documentary that depicts the bad knowledge and ignorance that exists in the healthcare system and conveys the helplessness that many with symptoms of Addison’s disease experience.

In the spring of 2017 we made a documentary named The Last Remaining Light. A story about what a person goes through in the event of an undetected diagnosis. Watch the documentary via the link below. Press cc at the bottom in the film and select the language.

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