Martin Norrman founder and cyclist

Welcome to Team Addison Global

Team Addison is a Team that wants to spread awareness and make Addison’s disease better known globally.

It all started in 2005 when I, Martin Norrman founded the Swedish Addison Association. The reason was simple, I didn´t get help, support or answers after my four days in coma and diagnosis in 2003. I felt so alone, angry and humiliated so I promised myself that no one ever should have to feel so alone like I did and thherefor I founded Swedish AddisonAssociation. Since then, I know that every person with our rare disease can get information, help and support the same day.

I was chairman for many years but had to find a person as dedicated as me to take care of the association and who could continue my work. I handed over my chairmanship to be able to spend more time with my children. Since then, Eva Rafner has been chairman and she expanded the association and made it much larger. She was and still is the best person I could ever have choosen. After that, I still couldn’t stop spread information and knowledge about Addison’s disease. I never forgot I had made myself a promise in 2003. At the time I was cycling alot and realized that I could combine the best of both worlds, be active and spreading awareness for free at the same time. Therefor I founded Team Addison global. To make a diagnosis known demanded a great design. I took the Swedish colors, yellow and blue and started to design. The white line on the chest is after I looked on cool design and pictures of cyclist from Italy from the 80’s. After that I´ve had alot of contacts with companies that can print the clothes and always get an design correctur before a go. We also had to change the logo so the association could keep its own logo and the Team got its own and could use it internationally. The text on the back reads “Team Addison spreads awareness for Addison’s disease” to attract attention and make others think what Team all is about.

The idea is also that people with the diagnosis should be active. All scientific evidence shows that physical activity produces positive results. You don’t have to be an elite athlete, but it is highly individual as we have different conditions to cope. Many people with our diagnosis have symptoms of fatigue and lack of energy, and on those occasions you must adapt your life situation.

The idea is that everyone should be able to support and be part of the Team. Healthy as affected, family and friends. All to make Addison’s disease better known globally. We also want to increase knowledge and spread information to the healthcare system so they can provide the right help and support to those affected. All information about Addison’s on internet is the same so what can we do different and make the knowledge to grow? Of course, spread awareness and make it more known!

Cya out there!

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