Welcome Australia

Now we have started Team Addison in Australia. We chose a group instead of a page on Facebook because there was a need for the visitors to write themselves. Of course, we share a lot of information jointly for all countries in order to continue growing and so that no one misses out on information.

An ambassador is appointed and they do a fantastic job individually and that is a common denominator for us among many other things. It is important that it does not become a page for advertising but only about Addison’s disease. It is positive for everyone to be able to sign off, reflect, ask and be part of us.

Those with the diagnosis are important and they are the ones we care about. We wish the diagnosis was better known in one respect. Namely, getting companies to support organizations with the diagnosis. Often a public disease gets more sponsors and therefore the companies that help us become unique in many respects.

All Addison’s disease web pages on the web share the same information over and over. That is why we focus on making the diagnosis known. -How do you do it? Well, by being seen in public. How do you do that? By making our brand known and showing us in public. It creates curiosity and interest, which generates increased knowledge and familiarity. We hope that this is exactly what happens in the healthcare sector. In Sweden, we have increased the knowledge of the ambulance and emergency medical care, and we see this happening in other countries in the future as well. /Martin

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